Mother Pabla Bescos
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The Congregation of Sisters of Charity of St.Anne of Zaragoza, was the first Religious congregation of active life in Spain. In the call God made to our Founders Fr.Juan Bonal Cortada and Mother Maria Rafols Bruna, the Congregation was born on 28th December 1804, in Zaragoza, Spain, in the Holy Royal General Hospital of Our Lady of Grace. This Hospital was founded by King Alphonso V the wise and was named “Domus Infirmorum, urbis et orbis” – The House of the sick, of the community and the world. The kings and Popes had honored it with all kinds of titles.

The Indian Mission was established in Nadidad, Gujarat, on 14th January 1951.

The Province of M other Pabla Bescos Northern India was born on May, 1996 from the parent Province of Fr,John Bonal.



To witness to the Father’s love for all With a Universal Charity, Chiefly to the poorest and neediest, Through the practice of Hospitality To the point of heroism. Mother Maria Rafols and Fr. John Bonal led the Life heroic virtue which led to love and service Towards the most poor and needy brethren risking their life till heroism

Sisters of Charity of St. Anne

Mother Maria Rafols together with Fr.John Bonal founded the Congregation of Sisters of Charity of St.Anne on December 28,1804 in the Royal and General Hospital of Our Lady of Grace, Zaragoza, Spain.

A Call to Prayer

The Congregation of Sisters of Charity is a gift bestowed by Christ on His Church. Therefore, this love of Christ impelled the Founders and the 1st sisters to surrender themselves to the one who called them gratuitously. In their life as a person and as a group, they found as meaningful, fulfillment, strength in the deep intimacy with the Lord. All these were constantly devoting themselves to prayer together, including Mary, the Mother of Jesus. As well as his brothers(Act: 1: 14)

The sisters led by the Holy Spirit and through the practice of Hospitality, formed a Spirituality consolidated in “contemplation in action” This experience that the Holy Spirit gave to the Congregation offers one, as a gift of knowing oneself as daughter of God, and keep one in the search for the God of Jesus.

In whatever the sisters lived, it gave them a sense of transcendence, discovering of the presence of God and at the same time they found in Him, light, peace and strength to be witness of Christ.

Call for Mission

”As the Father sent me, so I send you” (Jn. 20:21)

The congregation of sisters of Charity of St.Anne is called to manifest, like Christ, God’s love for the world. It has received from Christ in the Church, the mission of collaborating in the spreading of the Kingdom through the proclamation of salivation by Charity, through the practice of Hospitality. All the sisters participate in this gift of Charism “ Universal Charity , chiefly ton the poorest & the neediest, through the practice of Hospitality, to the Point of heroism.

“He went about doing good” The congregation continuous the work of Jesus, by responding to the needs that arise, carrying out its mission in different fields and in the Pastoral Ministries of Health, Social Action and Education. The congregation nurtures a special sensitivity towards the present and the neediest, who cannot defend themselves.