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“Go throughout the whole world and preach the Gospel to all” mankind”

The missionary ideal of the Congregation was realized when a groups of sisters left their land, Spain , for the first time reached to Nadiad, Gujarat, India in the Year 1951.

After the initial struggles, the community experienced rays of hope. There was increase in the vocations and many new foundations were established in different states of the Indian sub-continent responding to the need of the Church.

It was impossible for a provincial to make her presence felt among the sisters in all the countries and to have sooth functioning of the administration. Being conscious of the mission the sisters experienced a great urgency to form a new province.

The XXIII General Chapter thorough study determined the re-structuration of the province of FatherJohn Bonal and to elect the sister Provincial and the sister of the Provincial Council thus erecting a new Province named Mother Pabla Bescos, the best intercessor, model and teacher for the sisters of the Province.

With immense joy Mother General Sr. Julia announced and convoked the Provincial chapter of elections of the new Province in India, that will be named “Mother Pabla”. On the 20th of May 1996 Mother General Julia declared open the Provincial Chapter and on 21st May as per the demands of the Constitution and the Rules of life, Rev. Sr. Pushpa Paul, the Provincial of the New Province Mother Pabla Bescos.

In a very special way, we entrusted our Province to Mother Pabla, asked her to continue accompanying us in the new step of life. A Province which, faithful to the charism and Spirit of our Founders, promotes the spiritual and apostolic revitalization with an active hope and vision of the future and listens to the clamor and the people, for seeing at every moment the needs, urgency and attending to them with all solicitude and consciousness to every details, with full care and great love in a total, unreserved commitment and dedication, in a hospitality without frontiers, limitless to the giving of one’s life.

A province which, faithful to the mandate of the Lord keeps alive and dynamic the missionary spirit and lives the real missionary spirituality allowing itself to be guided by the spirit living the mystery of Christ, “Sent” loving the church and men as Jesus loved them, responding to the call to sanctity.

A province which feeling for its members like Jesus, anointed by the Spirit to proclaim the Good News to the poor, wanting to live with all its implications and consequences, the congregational challenge: EVANGELIZATION

The Province of Mother Pabla Bescos has its 30 communities spread out in the seven states of North India i.e. Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh. Chhatisgarh, Jharkand, Rajasthan, Bihar and Delhi. Sisters work sectors like health, education other apostolic and social work, mentally challenged, old age home with full of zeal and enthusiasm.




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