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Sisters of Charity of St. Anne's

Sisters of Charity of St. Anne's - Ranchi

Responding to the invitation of Most Rev. Cardinal Telesphore Toppo, the work in the Archdiocese of Ranchi, through the Missionary of St.Francis Xavier, who are known as Pillar Fathers, on 19th March, 2013, Sr. Silvy Chacko, and Sr.Silvanti Kujur accompanied by Sr.Philomina K. Provincial Secretary, arrived to Dibadih, Ranchi, to work in a growing School of Pillar Fathers. They were accommodated in an old residence of Pillar Fathers and began teaching in the School.

After two months, Sr. Cordula Kiro (incharge) and Sr.Shobhana M. Dabhi reached Ranchi, on 2nd June, to establish real mission. And after few days Srs. Silvy and Silvanty returned back to their respective communities. Since Sr.Cordula and Sr.Shobhana Dabhi, the two sisters do not form a community, they belong to the Community of Manikbathan, the closer community to Jharkhand


School ( diocese), pastoral ministry