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Divyadhara - Nadiad

On October 16th 2008, Sr.Maria Maya began to stay in Matruchhaya with four working girls in order to get ready the house for the boys and to start the community.

The day came for Sr. Maria Maya to form the community on 16th October which is memorable day for Sisters of Charity of St.Anne. The Beatification of our Mother Maria Rafols took place in the Church. On this day, the imposition of the Blessed Sacrament was done by Fr. Rocky Pinto Vicar General of Ahmadabad Diocese in the presence of Parish Priest, Fr. Ambrose during the Holy Eucharist. The Provincial, Sr.Pushpa Paul, Sr. Benita , Superior of Matruchhaya and some sisters from community were present. The community was formed with two sisters.

On November 27th, 6 boys from Matruchhaya was shifted to Matruchhaya according to the rules of Government policy.

12th June 2009, the tailoring class which was carried on in Matruchhaya -1 continued in Matruchhaya – II under the supervision of Sr. Maria Maya. There were 35 women were learning tailoring.

Later on the Matruchhaya name changed into Divya Dhara, Retreat House. The main reason was that the boys who were staying in Maruchhaya II they could be kept in Matruchhaya compound not in the same building where the girls are together, but in a separate building in the same compound. So they were once again shifted to Matruchhaya