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Jungle Hospital

Jungle Hospital - Motinala

The mission of Motinala began on June 13th 1983. We were invited by Bishop Theophene to start our Community in Motinala. This land was belongs to a Holand Priest and has given to the Parish as well as to us. He gave us seven to eight acres of land. He has given the agricultural land in order to earn the livelihood. He left the place of Motinala in 1991 and went back to Holand.

It was a joyful and memorable day for the Congregation of Sisters of Charity of St. Anne. Four sisters accompanied by Sr. Begonia reached to Motinala at 1.30 p.m. It was like jungle where they were afraid of wild animals. But God gave them courage and strength to evangelize and witness their life to the surrounding people. The main object is to achieve poor in the hospital and in the villages with the various levels. The main object is to teach them preventive methods.

In 1983 July, 2 sisters started to visit the villages. The experience of the sisters were very surprising. As they went to the houses the people were looking at them as strangers. The people were not approaching to them. But the sisters did not give up their hope. As the days passed gradually people were coming to know them and the mission started to flourish