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Madhurya Bhuvan

Madhurya Bhuvan - Ahmedabad

Madhurya Bhuvan “Sweet Home” It is one such centre where the mentally challenged children is taken up with dedication, enthusiasm, understanding, knowledge and lots of love. It is not possible to put these efforts on paper, rather it needs to be experienced. However, here with humble attempts are projected here.It is situated in the outskirts of the city of Ahmadabad Bapunagar as the area is called, is getting more and more congested day by day because of the countless small industrial units that keep springing up in every nook and corner of the area. Most of the people in and around Bapunagar are poor laborers. There are many handicapped children in and around Ahmadabad and only a few institutions are ready to take care of them.

Hence Mandhurya Bhuvan, so thoughtfully started in 1983 under the banner of institution of Sisters of Charity of St.Anne, with the great effort of Sr.Elsa Rodrigues. It has proved to be a real blessing to these normally neglected and unwanted children as well as to their parents who do not know how to deal with such exceptional children.

The centre started functioning in a small rented house in Maninagar area on April13, 1983. Then on August 2nd, arrived PINKI the first student of the centre. For the next three years the centre continued in the same place with six students on the roll. In the meantime efforts were made on to look for better and more spacious premise.

On 27th February, 1986 the new spacious premises of the centre at Bapunagar were blessed and inaugurated by the Bishop of Ahmedabad- Rt.Rev. Bishop Charles Gomes S.J. Since then the centre has been functioning with more facilities and equipments. As the years passed. the number of students kept increasing and at present there are 120 students. Thirty of them are in boarding provided by institute and the remaining 90 are day scholars.

The aim of the centre is: To train mentally challenged children, to evaluate their abilities in all possible aspects, to help them become acceptable persons of the society in which they are living, to improve the status on them so they can live on better fashion and not subjected to humanity by any one.

The school provides educational, social personal and pre-vocational training to the students. It also has Hostel facilities. The institution tries to help students through various activities where all the students participate.

We cannot measure their achievements by time. But they learn to take care of themselves. They learn to write their name, learn to count numbers, to draw some pictures like human figure, flower shpe. Some learn to act, express themselves. They go for competitions, cultural programmers, special Olympics, exhibition etc.

We feel happy that our efforts are not in vain but we have gained something. The Centre receives continually visits of children from different schools. They com e to play and share with our children what they have. That visit is a good opportunity to concientize the normal children to teach, to share what they have. Our neighborhood children also feel the need of mixing without children.

Thanks be to God and the Congregation that has given a good opportunity to serve the poor and the most needy.


School and hostel for mentally challenged