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Madhurya Bhuvan

Madhurya Bhuvan - Kadi

In Ahmedabad 60 kms. From Kady, Madhurya Bhuvan centre for mentally Handicapped children is functioning from 1983. At present it has 65 inmates boys and girls belonging to economical lower classes. The capacity of this hostel is limited and it has seen the need of one institution for Mentally Challenged grown up girls. Due to the customs and structure of the society, for the parents and the family it is a big burden to have a mentally disabled person, especially if the person is a woman.

The building for Madhurya Bhuvan Ashram for Mentally Handicapped girls was blessed on the 9th January 2000 in the presence of the Bishop of Ahmadabad two General Councilors, Provincial, Civil Authorities, Parish priest and many of the Sisters of the Congregation. The Institution started functioning in the month of June 2000. On the 14th June the house was opened for the first inmates. The capacity of the ashram is for hundred mentally handicapped girls, at present there are 47 inmates and many of them have been previously under training in Madhurya Bhuvan, Ahmadabad. The aim of the Institution is to train the girls according to their mental and physical capacities and to keep them life time.

The Ashram celebrates and keeps multiple occasions where the inmates have the possibility of participation in cultural and sports activities, at the same time training in the house work, stitching , craft, cooking etc.

The Ashram keeps open its doors to all kinds of mentally challenged girls, aged more than 17 years, without keeping in mind caste or creed. The service done to the mentally challenged people is according to the Charism of our founders Mother Maria Rafols to work with the most poor and needy.

Handicap of any type is a curse on the humanity and more so on individual. Handicap is probably the least desirable one and it is a challenge to the person.


School and Hostel for Mentally Challenged Children