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Matruchhaya - Nadiad

At present Matruchhaya and the activities of the Hospital was transferred from Our Lady of Pillar Hospital to Matruchhaya. Our Lady of Pillar Hospital started in Indira Nagar, Vaishali Road on 8th August 1952. The Hospital had the facilities of two wards. One for male patients and other for female patients. The sisters were taking care of the burn cases, delivery patients even rendering their services for 24 hours around Nadiad. They too were running for outdoor patients. The surrounding people known as Vagris, the backward classes, very poor. Most of them come with skin disease and they used to be happy with the sisters medicine. Sisters were going for the Mobile dispensary to far villages as there was no any missionaries to visit the families, to give medical treatment. There were two doctors daily visit and Sr. Maria Maya was attending the Delivery cases.

Matruchhaya, is an orphanage under the care of Our Lady of Pillar Hospital. One morning as she opened the door of the dispensary and lo and behold… She found a new born baby lying on the door. Someone had abandoned the child. She picked up the child and cradled the baby. The caring and nursing began and she got an instant inspiration to care for such abandoned babies. Since then she never turned back and looked. Thus “Matruchhaya “came into existence!


Matruchhaya is an orphanage which is situated at Indira nagar, vaishali Road, Nadiad. Matruchhaya is Charity based institution. It mainly caters to the needs of the poor and the marginalized people. It runs under Sisters of Charity of St.Anne Trust. Sisters of Charity of St Anne a religious institution works in all the spheres of society. It provides its services like hospitals, schools, boardings, old age homes, orphanages etc. Matruchhaya mainly caters to the needs of the destitute, poor, abandoned, lost and orphan children in Nadiad.

The Primary mission of this institution is: To provide services for the poor, the destitute and the abandoned children and young adults. We provide them with shelter, education and rehabilitation. The child that enters into this home receives all the love, care, affection and above all personal attention as like any ordinary child in the society. We see to it that the child placed here do not lack anything.

Some children are given in adoption, while the others are provided with higher education for their better future perhaps to make them realize their self worth and make them independent. Also we prepare them for marriage so that they can settle down in life and have a secured future.

With growing social concern and realizing the signs of times Sisters of Charity of St. Anne responded to these urgent needs of the abandoned, destitute and orphan children and launched the home for children which is named “Matruchhaya”.Matruchhaya started functioning since 5th November 1980 and recognized by Social Defence Department of Gujarat State.


The main aim is: Whole round development and rehabilitation of the children of the Institution, So that in future they get inserted into the mainstream of society and live a dignified life as human being


  • . To admit orphan, destitute and abandoned children
  • . To provide shelter, education and rehabilitation
  • . To provide services for the poor, the destitute and the abandoned children
  • . To fulfill the basic and primary needs of the children
  • . To give them secure future
  • . To provide them with higher studies and vocational trainings
  • . Holistic development of the children
  • . To rehabilitate them by giving them in adoption