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Our Lady of Pillar [Hospital]

Our Lady of Pillar Hospital - Vadodara

It was the year 1960, the pre-Vatican era , when the seed of this future hospital was sown. The Gujarat region was not yet a diocese. At the invitation of the Ecclesiastical Superior of the Gujarat Mission, the Sisters of Charity of St.Anne readily and willingly accepted the challenge of responding to the health care of the people of urban area. Under the delegate Sr. Maria Louisa Bonifaz, the pioneering mission work began

The hospital, popularly known as “Lady Pillar” or “Pillar Hospital” had a humble at the beginning. A small rented house in the area of Fatehgunj served as the dispensary. The vision and mission of our Congregation is to spread the message of Christ through the healing ministry to all around us. This is the charism which our Founders: Mother Maria Rafols and Father John Bonal practiced in their life time. The Sisters dedicated themselves day and night, caring and serving the patients even sharing their own food to the needy.

The Baroda apostolic mission was carried on by our Sisters who came from Spain. They were reaching out to the whole of the Baroda through mobile dispensary service, making a survey and studying the situation of the people. They took the next step to give service in the field of health education, prevention of disease health care, social up lift -ment of people etc. Within a short time, the need was increased of the health for expansion of the hospital. With the generous help and co-operation of friends and benefactors we acquired land for a hospital which would cater to the growing needs of our people. The delegation sacked monetary resources, but God is so kind and merciful! A project was prepared for the hospital and Misereor, the donor agency of Germany approved and funded the project.

Rev. Sr. Dolores Roqueta, a visionary and zealous missionary assumed charge of this project . On April 25th, 1965the foundation stone of the Hospital was laid . On October 12, 1971 a red-letter day, in the history of the hospital-the new hospital under the patronage of Our Lady of Pillar was solemnly blessed and inaugurated by the late Valerian Cardinal Gracias of Bombay.

Our Lady of Pillar Hospital is an of 80 bedded hospital, with 2 floors. It has General wards (male, female and maternity), Special and semi special rooms, as well as A.C. rooms, two operation theatres and an Otis elevator,. Lacking in space, yet, the hospital offers most of the facilities that any modern hospital offers, Over the last 50 years, the hospital has made steady progress adding to new equipments, specialities and providing best facilities according to the new technology. The hospital is always in a renewing process according to the needs of time. The out Patient’s Department provides service of most of the specialists at very subsidized rates so the economically weak too can avail the services of the specialists. The laboratory has been modified with new technology for greater speed and accuracy.

X-ray department, Sonography service is also an added assessment in diagnosis.

To meet the increasing needs of the people, the hospital building was further extended in 1988. This extension is in a Physiotherapy Center, a special Operation Theatre with room for autoclave and doctor’s room., the Intensive Care Unit and Recovery rooms. In the year 1999, ICCU was further furnished with 4 bedside monitors, central monitors, defibrillator etc. The centrally operated Oxygen system and suction started functioning since December 1997. The ICCU was further re-plemished with a Bipep, Ventilator, Pulse Oxymeter, Pulmoaid, A.C. UPS has been installed to assume a constant electricity supply. The hospital is privileged to have a well trained and dedicated staff as well as Residential doctors round the clock at the service of our hospital specially for the ICCU patients.

To keep pace with present times the process of computerization in on billing, accounts etc. has been introduced. In 21st Century, health care is facing new challenges. People are more enlightened and health conscious. The expectation of quality health care is an issue too important to be sidelined. The rapid advances in the field medicine, science and technology, the fierce competition among increasing number of health providers the free sale of drugs over the counter, drastic changes in the spectrum of illnesses – all this has resulted in decreased number of common illnesses and an increase in the number of patients with critical illnesses