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Our Lady of Pillar [Hostel]

Our Lady of Pillar [Hostel] - Vijaynagar

The Lord said, “who will go to my people and bear my light to them? We, Sisters of Charity of St.Anne answered: Here, we are Lord, We will hold your people in our heart.”

On 21st April 1983 God sent us to Preach the Good News, to give Gospel Values to the Mission of Vijaynagar. A new Community was formed with three sisters and began our mission towards the poor and the most needy as Our Founder Mother Maria Rafols shown in her life.

The main motto was to begin a Hostel and a Dispensary. On 11th May, a camp was arranged for the girls. There were 42 girls who took part. The sisters started Catechism in the villages, Hygiene class to the ladies and medical help to the people of the villages.

In July 1986, Sr. Anandi, and Sr.Indu, the 1st missionary went to teach in the school of Parish. In May 1988, our new house at Saroli, was inaugurated with the Holy Eucharist. As the result of our mission in Vijaynagar, 12 girls were sent for Vocation Camp. Thanks be to God.

The untiring work of sisters flourished Vijaynagar mission. The development we could see that in the hostel we have around 300 girls from K.G. to 12th standard and few of them have already decided to work in God’s Vineyard. Let us thank the Lord for the sisters who lavishly spent their time and talents to bring the mission in fruitful way


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