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Sandhya Visharam

Sandhya Visharam [Home for Aged] - Kadi

Old age is a contemporary problem. More people reach old-age because of the advancement of science. But once there, they experience being left out, unwanted by society at large and their own children who seem eager to get them out of the way. So a new alienated class has come into existence, marginalized by the aggressive, productive utilitarian society of today.

Sisters of Charity of St.Anne inspired by their Charism of hospitality, set up a home for seniors in 1994, at Uteshwari, Kadi called “Sandhya Vishram”. As the name suggests, it was felt that Love would provide leisure and rest to those at the dusk of their lives. These elders are not useless. They have their own identity and age specific role to fulfill. Understanding their houses and environment have been set up to provide them all facilities. They can enjoy being in the garden, being close to the Lord, leisure time in the recreation hall, wide corridors where they can stroll by themselves or with their colleagues.

Most them keep busy themselves in preparing candles , gardening, cutting vegetables etc. They feel very happy because they realize that they are able to contribute themselves and feel at home . At present we have 35 inmates who are cared, nurtured seeing their personnel needs as well as their spiritual needs. We, sisters of Charity of St.Anne are happy to render our service to them because at present they are not able to do anything and they are in need of someone who can help them


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