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Sanjeevan Arogya Kendra

Sanjeevan Arogya Kendra - Role

Role is a place where one could be rolled from hills to he plains. It is a tiny village surrounded by jungle and fields and small huts of villagers scattered here and there. This mission is under the Diocese of Raipur in Chattisgarh.

The mission began in 1988. Since the people were open to Christ and ready to be baptized in the Church, there was opposition from various quarters. They made propaganda against priest and even they tried to kill him. But the people were firm in their faith. The first family was baptized on Christmas with the approval of Rev.Bishop Philip Ekka, Bishop of Raipur diocese.

On 26th June 1988, we began the mission in Role according to the invitation of Bishop Philip Ekka. We were welcomed during the Holy Eucharist, together with the parishioners. Till the construction of the sisters residence, they were given place in Father’s residence. The sisters were running dispensary, apostolic works, and village works. In 1989, Sisters started boarding with seven children.

In this place there are no proper roads, no proper communication medias, no electricity facilities and it not a place where there are shopping centers. But the sisters managed and enjoyed with full of zeal and spirit of our founders did their mission work.

Sisters had a long desire to open our own school. Since many children were deprived of educational facilities, seeing the drop outs and the hardships in continuing the studies, for not having a school near by their villages so the sisters decided to open a middle school in the remote area.

But the majority of local people being non Christian were ready to come the Catholic school. Having the fear of being converted to our religion they do not favor the sisters in their work. Finally, sisters were successful. On 15th October 1992, sisters got permission from educational department. They started the school from 6th Std in Hindi medium. Nine students were admitted in it.

On 12th March 1993, the New house for sisters inaugurated, blessed by Bishop Joseph Augustine. “All men of whatever race, condition or age in virtue of their life dignity as human persons have an inalienable right to education” says Vatican II (Declaration of Christian education No.2) Inspired by these words, the sisters determined to give maximum educational facilities to the poor in the villages. On 4th November 1996 the sisters constructed another new school building to reach out maximum number of such students and drop-outs by way of providing education.

When we look back we notice with many difficulties and problems the new mission was born. As St.Paul says “If God is with us who can be against us?” In spite of all difficulties the mission has flourished so much. Thanks be to God for being and inspiring our Provincial and Team.