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Sneh Shanti

Sneh Shanti [Provincial House] - Vadodara

On 6th of July, 2006 Sr. sheela Michael and Sr. Prema Dhurve arrived to the New Provincial House in order to keep up to date the New Provincial House.

On 8th July, 2006, Sr.Philomina Kerketta, Sr. Sunita William and Bhavna (the cook) arrived to the New Provincial House and began to modify the house by arranging and putting in order the things.

October 1st, 2006 was the day of inauguration of the New Provincial House. It was the great & joyful day for all the sisters of the Province and specially for the Sisters of the Provincial House, Sneh shanti.

The Holy Eucharist began at 11 a.m. presided by Lorship Rev.Bishop Godfrey de Rosario & Rev. Bishop Thomas Macwan. There were many priests concelebrated along with the main celebrants. Besides that there were many friends, well wishers, Sisters families too were invited to join in our joyful moments. We as one family participated with great joy, sharing & fraternal gestures, sharing the delicious dishes