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Snehdhara [Dispensay and Boarding] - Mandal

Mandal is a very beautiful village situated 2 kms away from the highway between “Vyara” and “Songad” Snehadhara is located in the centre of Mandal.

On 12th June, 1987, being a Sunday, sisters were welcomed during the Holy Eucharist by Fr. Corral. The sisters did not have any convent, so they had to live in ahouse as that of Advasi house prepared with mud for them. They fathers and Christian brothers who were staying there in the same way of mud house.

The sisters began their missionary activities in Mandal and the surrounding villages. By visiting them, listening to their difficulties, mingling with them, and praying for them. At the beginning the commun- ity consists of two sisters. As the need arises four more sisters were send to Mandal. The sisters were engrossed in Catechetical work, social apostolate, dispensary and hostel. At the beginning there were only 15 girls in the hostel. Initially, the sisters found very difficult to fulfill their needs. But they thought of our Founders Mother Maria Rafols, at the time of war how she has taken care of the wounded, homeless, without having food. That Charism and Spirit being followed by the sisters.

The sisters were living in the midst of Advasis. They are very poor, simple life, most them were malnourished. They did not have any religion. They were with full of superstitious practices and beliefs which was harmful to their health. The sisters took lot of interest to educate them. Gradually they improved in their knowledge and vanishing from all their superstitious practices.

Today, in the hostel we have 120 hostel girls, nutrition programmes, catechism, Mahila Mandal under parish, training for the health workers and youth groups.

Today Mandal has a new face. It is enriched with many educated people both men and women. “Snehadhara” has an attractive hotel for girls, a well equipped flourished dispensary, where mobile dispensary carried on in different villages