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St. Anne's Bhavan

St. Anne's Bhavan - Manikbathan

The day dawned with a sweet sound of joy with chirping of birds, we thanked God and asked his help and protection in all our tasks. And thus the community of St.Anne’s Bhavan at Manikbatham was formed on the 28th of July 1997. The community was formed with three sisters. The main object was social work, in-charge of the school and Dispensary.

The inauguration took place on 28th July 1997 according to the culture of Santhali. They decorated with tribal dance, colorful dress and washing of the legs as a gesture of welcome to the mission. Thereafter we were led to procession with their music and dance. Rt.Rev.Bishop Thomas Kozhimalal solemnly blessed the house and dispensary during the Eucharistic celebration. Sr.Pushpa Paul cut the ribbon. We expressed our gratitude to God for all the wonderful things he has done by bringing us to this particular mission, in the midst of unknown people like Prophet Abraham.

God has called us to a particular mission to be fulfilled in the sight of Lord and in others


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