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St. Anne's Convent

St. Anne's Convent - Bhagalpur

The journey to Bhagalpur began on July 21st and reached to the destination on 24th July 1997at Bhagalpur Station. On 26th July, on the day of our family feast we had the solemn Eucharist celebration in the Cathedral at 10 a. by Bishop Thomas along with number of priests from Bhagalpur and close by mission stations. After the Eucharistic Celebration, all of them moved towards our residence for the blessing and inaugural ceremony which was done by Bishop by lighting the lamp followed by the prayer of blessing.

After the inauguration and solemn blessing there was an entertainment programme done by the seminarians and Urbal school children. Bishop Thomas welcomed us to the diocese of Bhagalpur and assured us of his support. Sr. Pushpa, the Provincial thanked the Bishop for the invitation and requested to help and support of everyone so that our work in the diocese may be effective.

This community was consisted of three sisters. The mission of sisters which carried : to teach in the school, to take care of the medical work and to take care of catechetical and evangelization work in the parish. Though at the beginning they found difficult with the language, culture and environment, they happily, joyfully fulfilled their mission.


School ( Diocese), Pastoral ministry