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St. Anne's Convent

St. Anne's Convent - Jaisalmer

On 30th June, 2011 Sr. Lucy Joseph, the Provincial and Sr. Philo Kerketta accompanied Sr. Mercy Jeroam and Sr. Mercy Varghese reached at 3 p.m. to Jaisalmer . The provincial of C.S.T. Fathers, Fr. Thomas and Treasurer, the Parish Priest , Fr. Joseph and some others fathers eagerly waiting our arrival. We were welcomed by Fathers, teachers and co-workers of the campus. We were very delighted to reach to our destination.

As soon as we reached we were led to the Chapel, a short prayer was conducted asking God’s blessing for our new mission, it is like our First Sisters before starting their mission they went to Our Lady of Pillar to ask her protection to start a new mission. After the prayer our house was blessed by C.S.T. Provincial in the presence of Fr. Thomas and the Treasurer.

The Provincial thanked the Congregation of Sisters of Charity of St.Anne specially Sr. Lucy Joseph, the Provincial and counselors for accepting voluntarily and joyfully the mission of Ranchi. The main object of this Mission : To work in the school, To take active participation in the Parish activities. The communities were formed by three sisters. Sr. Silvy Chacko (Superior) Sr. Mercy Varghese and Sr. Mercy Jeroam.

It was surprising to see that each minute thing was arranged for the sisters by Fr. Jospeh. Sisters felt that as though they were already living in that house since years. Because from vessels to all food items were stored . Thanks to Fr. Joseph for his thoughtfulness, care and generosity.

In the evening at 7 p.m. there was Holy Eucharist for sisters along with Parishioners. Once again we were welcomed and introduced us to the Parishioners and to all those who came for Mass. They expressed they joy and happiness of sisters presence, they distributed cakes to all those who came for Mass.


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