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St. Anne's High School

St. Anne's High School - Sehore

In 15th April 1981 was a remarkable day in the History of Diocese of Bhopal as well and in the Congregation of Sisters of Charity of St.Anne. On this beautiful day, a community was formed in Sehore with four sisters accompanied by the Provincial, Sr. Lucila Mendes with the Invitation of Rt. Rev. Bishop Eugine D’Souza, to preach the Good news, to witness the mercy and love of the Father to the people of Sehore. The sisters were given accommodation at Presbytery of Lourdes Mata Church. At 6.30 p.m. Rev. Archbishop concelebrated solemn Eucharist celebration with other priests. After the Mass, there was a get-together in which Bishop extended a warm welcome to the sisters. Finally Sr.Lucila expressed her gratitude towards all present especially to Archbishop for their kind support and hearty welcome to the Sisters of Charity of St.Anne.

On 6th February 1982, Sisters shifted to the New House “Preetikunj convent” built by Bishop at Sindhi colony, Sehore. The objective of the origin of the house was to work for the welfare of the poor, neglected and marginalized of Sehore especially in the medical-social aspect. The sisters visit the “Tahesils “ and “Ichhavar” houses, meet the people to know their needs and help them. The sisters began 2 programmes i.e. Craft Training Centre and Mobile Dispensary. The sisters began the Craft Training Programme with the intention that they could be attached to the Sisters where various kinds of ordinary crafts could be taught chiefly to the poor women of that locality.

There were only two Christian families in Sehore. On Holy Thursday, they had 8 persons for washing of the feet and among them two were non-Christians. On Easter Day there were 35 persons attended the Holy Eucharist. The sisters began their mission by visiting families, Christians and non Christians alike. At the beginning the sisters did not get much response from people, but still they continued their missionary work with zeal and enthusiasm.

It so happened on June 1981 while returning from Village 2 angels were waiting at the gate to meet them. They wanted to receive Holy Communion. They stayed with the sisters for a week, learnt all the prayers received the First Holy Communion. They were thrilled with joy to have Jesus in them and they returned to their home.