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St. Anne's School

St. Anne's School - Deesa

Deesa city is situated in the district of Banaskantha , in North Gujarat very close to Kutch(Rajasthan). The missionary work began in the year 1829 by some priests visiting the area occasionally. Subsequently, there was a time when no one missionary went for visit and people were left abandoned like a sheep without a shepherd.

To this group of Christians joined a group of Bhil Majirana Advasis who returned from Pakistan. Originally they were Indians, but in 1947 when Pakistan got separated from India these people went in search of job to Pakistan. With the help of some Franciscan missionaries, many of them embraced Christianity. Later on they came back to India and they did have any contact with any missionary zeal , many of them went back to their Hinduism.

In the year 1971, a missionary from Kalol, Fr. Thomas Kolady took initiative with God’s providence started to mingle with these Manjirianas. He started visiting them regularly, accompanied by our Sisters from Kalol Community. Though it was a tough task reaching out to the poor people all the way from Kalol, it was a joyful, apostolic zeal and enthusiasm they experienced like our Founders, to work with the people of that area. They visited village to village, house to house sharing the same lot of these people staying with them.

In 1979, when Mother General Estefania Esandi visited the Kalol Community, Rev. Fr. Garriz S.J. proposed her the project of having a community of sisters to help in the parish of Deesa. Mother Estefania not only accepted the invitation but also offered to visit herself the region. She was inspired by the spirit of Charism of our Founders to help the most poor and needy. She gave “yes” to this project i.e. the work of evangelizations, to establish a boarding for the newly converted Christians, to open a Dispensary including a mobile, giving a preventive curative dimension to the various sickness.

1st December 1980 was laid foundation of Deesa. The sisters were provided a room by Fr. Kolady as the residence were not ready. The following year, on 8th December, Feast of Immaculate Conception of Mary, the sisters decided to reside in the new building. Like the first sisters who offered the nascent fraternity at the feet of Our Lady of Pillar, Zaragoza, the sisters asked the protection and help to Our Lady for their new mission.

The school started in 1984 with 9 Manjirana children in Balwadi. In the beginning sisters had to hunt for the children to come to school. Seeing the sisters they used to run and hide. The boarding offered an ideal place for these poor girls for the maintenance and study which was totally free for them. Today it is well established with Gujarati and English Medium with 2000 students. We thank the Lord for all who work and sweat in the Mission of Deesa. May God bless each one of the