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St. Anne's School

St. Anne's School - Kalol

The house of Kalol was started on 5th May 1970. Our Institution called ‘Our Lady of Pillar’. A group of sisters under the guidance of Sr. Mathilda began their work in the small rented house in the market area. There we had about 15 to 20 girls in the hostel. Our main objective was to educate the girls. During the morning hours, Sisters were teaching to the small children of KG class. The hostel girls were going to a town School nearby. Along with the academic formation, Christian education also was imparted. In the evening there was regular visit to the poor and marginalized people who are staying around the locality villages. They won the hearts of people. Knowing the sisters and their work, people started to come to educate their children. Even the village people had interest in the free education given to the girls so they started to come to our hostel. Every year the standards were increasing, so after staying for one year in the rented house sisters shifted to the newly constructed house at Ambicanagar and began to elaborate the mission of education, evangelizing, visiting the villages, mobile dispensary, hostel for the girl’s education etc… In the beginning we had 80 girls in the hostel.

In the year 1974, we started our own KG classes and in 1979 Primary classes. After completing 4th Standard the girls were joining to St. Xavier School, Karol. In 1999 – 2000 the first batch of 10th std. appeared for the Board exam and got 80% above the result. A handicapped girl by name Preksha stood first in whole state. Now many ex-students of our schools are Doctors, engineers and some are settled in abroad. At present we have two medium Gujarati and English. Gujarati medium we have from K G to 12th std, and in English medium we have from K G to 10thstd. with 2 divisions.

Daily the villages of Kalol were visited by the sisters. Though it was a difficult job, but everything for the greater glory of God, they continued visiting, educating the villagers, giving Catechism classes etc…. And as a fruit of it at present we are covering 20 villages of the Kalol district. Though the people are tough, many times experiencing shouting and rejection but still we love them and continue visiting them. As it is said “Well began is half done”. So the mission in Kalol goes on with the grace of God and support of the each sister in the community. God bless.

At present we have 35 girls in the Hostel. We also have pastor sister who accompanies Father in the villages, does all parish Church work and all that demands of the parish.