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St. Anne's School

St. Anne's School - Nadiad

January 14th 1951, is a historic and remarkable day for the Sisters of Charity of St. Anne in India. It is remarkable and memorable that our beloved Sisters, Sr. Ascension Lopez, Sr. Fausta Perez, Sr. Soledad Madrid, Sr. Irene Palacio, St. Antonia Heredero and Sr. Maria set foot on this land of Nadiad.

Just like God called Abraham to leave his country, kindred and his father’s house to go to a new land. So God had chosen these six sisters to leave their beloved country, Spain and led them to an unknown land of Nadiad with a particular mission : to announce the message of love to the people and proclaim that God still loves the world. Having responded to God’s call these sisters left their own country, Spain boarded the ship on 26th December, 1950 they reached to their destination of Nadiad on 14th January, 1951, after a long voyage of 24 days. They reached to this land full of enthusiasm to witness God’s love through their presence and the work they were going to do..

At the beginnings they found it very hard and difficult, The whole atmosphere was strange, the language was strange , the new culture, climate , food habits etc. On the whole everything seemed totally new and strange. Yet they easily associated with the people, situations and the surrounding.

They came fully trusting in the providence of God. They bought a cheap plot at Kapadwanj Road, which was surrounded by Vagiri society with priced less. There they began a small dispensary and started looking after many patients. Seeing the quality and delicacy of service rendered by the Sisters, patients began flocking to this center even from far off places. The sisters were very happy and they did their best to reach out to the needy and make them feel and experience the love of God. By being and working with the people they extended their service in the field of education too. Earlier on their reaching to Nadiad they rented a house in the market area and began their mission of education in June 1955. The rented house was very small but still they could adjust themselves. The four rooms served as their residence and class rooms. Soon the sisters began building a school in the same Kapadwanj Road campus, as the ground floor classrooms were being completed they announced the opening of the school for the 6th June 1956. On the first day of the school, they did not have any student. On the second day, , there was extraordinary joy and enthusiasm among them, because 2 boys and 2 girls joined in the school.

Gradually within few days admissions began to increase and by December of the same year there were 100 students on the roll. At present, we have 2 shifts and around 4000 students are educated in St. Anne’s school, in both Gujarati and English mediums, with classes in the higher Secondary.