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St. Xavier's School

St. Xavier's School - Shamghan

The community of Shamghan started on 25th May, 1995. It is a remarkable day for the Province of Fr. John Bonal. One more community added to the Province . The new community had started with a mission of school, dispensary and village work. This mission is Under the Diocese of Baroda and belong to the Parish of Pimpri.

On 28th began the mission. Sisters started going to the villages for Mass. They also began the Mobile dispensary, distributing medicines and caring in their physical needs. They hostel for girls with not much facilities but they could manage them.

On 2nd June, 1995 it was the time for admission of the hostel . On 5th June, 1995 the community was formed with three sisters. Each one of them started their mission which was entrusted to them. Fr. Navaro was taken them to different villages and they were welcomesd during the Eucharist.

The mission of Shamghan is very poor. But the people are very kind and lovable. So the sisters felt the atmosphere of being accepted in the villages


Dispensary, Social action, Mobile dispensary, hostel