Mother Pabla Bescos
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Blessed Mario Raflos


Love without frontiers


Generous self-giving

Key to Success

Contemplation in Action

Love offering

Maria made her life an offering of love.


Maria dedicated herself with wholehearted affection, tenderness and diligent care.

Portraits of Maria

Women of prayer, voice of the voiceless, Pillar of the Weak and sorrowful, Prince of peace, Heroine of Charity Women of heart, strong arm of consolation, Women of Prudence and tactfulness, A hospitable woman, An Edifying teacher, Witness of love and compassion.

Fr. John Bonal

A Divine of Birth

God’s ambassador, Apostle of the poor, Hero of Charity, Outstanding and effective teacher, Genuine and affectionate Priest, A tireless evangelizer, A missionary on feet, Beggar and Suffering servant, Spiritual director of the sisterhood, A man Tireless and remitting in serving, Witness of love and compassion.